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The awesome folks at bNet.com, the go-to-place for management advice, recently introduced the power of whiteboarding as a simple strategy tool.

If you are like me, you have had your share and more of PowerPoint presentations. I was at a recent six-day seminar and probably saw at least 15; and I was involved in creating five!

Whiteboarding is a great alternative to the mind-numbing passivity of PowerPoint. It allows you to set the stage (“who are we”), frame the debate (“what do we want to do”), and develop a shared solution (“how are we gonna get there”). All done in a visual, and engaging way.

The following podcast (3:29 sec) by Matthew Barzun, founder of BrickPath, provides tips and tools on using a whiteboard to conduct a great meeting and reach a powerful solution.

Click here: Watch the Witeboard Video: Whiteboarding 101

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Nonprofit organizations that rely on Microsoft Office for day-to-day tasks now have to consider the recently released Office 2007 Suite. What are its new features, how much does it cost, and does it make sense to upgrade? A new article on techsoup.org helps nonprofit managers weigh the pros and cons of upgrading to Vista.

Check out the article here.

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