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The awesome folks at bNet.com, the go-to-place for management advice, recently introduced the power of whiteboarding as a simple strategy tool.

If you are like me, you have had your share and more of PowerPoint presentations. I was at a recent six-day seminar and probably saw at least 15; and I was involved in creating five!

Whiteboarding is a great alternative to the mind-numbing passivity of PowerPoint. It allows you to set the stage (“who are we”), frame the debate (“what do we want to do”), and develop a shared solution (“how are we gonna get there”). All done in a visual, and engaging way.

The following podcast (3:29 sec) by Matthew Barzun, founder of BrickPath, provides tips and tools on using a whiteboard to conduct a great meeting and reach a powerful solution.

Click here: Watch the Witeboard Video: Whiteboarding 101

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When leading your staff in a brainstorming session, never stop with the first good idea. The first idea is rarely the best idea, and here’s why: because it was easy to come up with, there’s a good chance that others have already thought of it. Make sure you come out of the meeting with at least four or five ideas, so that you have some flexibility to decide which one to use.

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