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pope2Pope Benedict XVI has just proven that he is not only mean but just plain crazy. During a visit to Africa last week, the pope said the use of condoms increased HIV infection rates. As someone who worked in U.S. AIDS services for ten years, we have known since the early 1980s that consistent and correct use of condoms saves lives. His remarks have been roundly condemned by aid agencies, the UN and the German, French and Belgian governments. The British publication, The Lancet, today has called for the pope to retract him comments.

But this is par for the course. When he was Prefect for the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith, then as Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, he was affectionately known as “God’s Rotweiler.” Over 25 years, he orchestrated the silence of progressive theologians (e.g. Charles Curran), clamped down on liberal thought, and authored particularly homophobic pronouncements.

As Pope, he has blamed gays for the worldwide priest pedophilia scandal and sent emissaries to every catholic seminary in an attempt to rout out gays (good luck!). Just this year he lifted the excommunication of British Bishop Richard Williamson who has publicly denied the existence of the Holocaust (You Tube video of Williamson defending his position). For me, he is no different that Iran’s Ahmadinejad who has describes the Holocaust as “ambiguous and dubious.” A little known fact is that Benedict was a Hitler Youth.

This should put a final nail in the coffin of “apostolic succession” (i.e., God selecting Benedict to continue the papal line from St. Peter), and papal infallibility. The guy is a bigot — old, out-of-touch and unilaterally irreverent.

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