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marriageequality01With the defeat of gay marriage in California followed by similar actions in Florida and Arizona, it feels like a gauntlet has fallen. Previously, I hadn’t really cared about gay marriage.  My partner Patrick and I have been together for nearly 21 years.  We don’t need external recognition that we matter to each other.  I never really cared for that type of validation feeling it was nothing more than a straight semblance of legitimacy.  I haven’t cared until my relationship was compared to a ménage à trois, a pedophiliac arrangement, or even a relationship between people and animals.  Now it’s become personal.  My guttural reaction is “who the fuck anointed you to decide what love is of value, and which is of importance?”

If you want a fight, than bring it on.  After eight years of the worst president ever who at every possible turn demonized gay and lesbian Americans, I am more than ready. Reports out of California attested that Blacks — while making an historic vote for the first African American President — voted at a rate of 70% against gay marriage. Imagine the insanity of voting for inclusion on one hand, and voting for exclusion on the other.  And the Mormon Church sunk $72-million into California against gay marriage. So much for addressing the plight of the poor!

Tonight as I write from Washington on the eve of a national action against this clear and coordinated discrimination, I say to America that we are your sons and daughters, your neighbors, co-workers and friends.  We have lived in shame and fear for far too long and now it must be over.

America, you have not seen the tidal wave of protest that we will bring to you.  This faggot is pissed.

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