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editorial2In my Oct. 10th post, Bush: one; Healthcare for poor kids: zero, I attacked the cruelty of a President who would veto a bill that would have extended healthcare to 3.8 million children of the near poor. The bill requested $35 billion over ten years; that’s an annual cost per kid of $1.08.

In that post I stated, “every time the President burps, the Congress ponies up another $50 billion for the war in Iraq.”

Sure enough.Bush Requests $46B to Fund Military Operations is today’s lead story in The Washington Post.

Once again I assert — no, I scream from the rooftops — that it is immoral to choose the mechanisms of war over the healthcare of kids. My heart hurts over this.

Shame on Bush. Shame on America. Shame on all of us to allow this to continue.

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